Nature Inspired.
Rationally Designed.

Working at the interface of materials engineering and biotechnology, we employ modern manufacturing techniques to produce biocomposite materials through scalable processes.

Despite facing huge constraints, the natural world produces some incredible materials. Our philosophy is to combine the best that nature has to offer with modern manufacturing techniques to produce advanced materials through green, sustainable, and scalable processes.

We specialize in biopolymer-inorganic composite (biocomposite) materials, taking inspiration from natural materials such as ivory, pearl and tooth enamel.

biocomposite scheme.png

Product focus: Captured Carbon Tiles (Fabalith)

Ordinary ceramic tiles need to be fired at over 1000 °C for many hours, giving them a large carbon footprint. By combining captured carbon in the form of carbonate minerals with plant-derived biopolymers, we've developed a relatively green alternative.


Product focus: Deakin Bio-concrete

Cement and concrete account for about 8% of global CO2 emissions. By combining recycled aggregates with biopolymers through a low-energy process, we're developing a relatively green alternative. 


Product focus: StarCrete

Future colonies on the Moon and Mars will need new, low-energy materials for sustainable construction. We've developed a concrete-like material made from simulated Moon or Mars dust combined with a starch binder. The material has a compressive strength exceeding 90 MPa, with is much higher than ordinary brick (20 MPa) and within the range of high-strength concrete (>41 MPa).