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Engineering Sustainable
Bioinspired Materials

We're developing green, bio-based alternatives to cement, concrete and ceramic materials.

The Problem

Cement, concrete and ceramic materials account for over 8% of global CO2 emissions. These emissions are set to rise as countries continue to develop and urbanize.


Half of these emissions arise from chemical processes - meaning even a full transition to green energy and transportation wouldn't eliminate the associated carbon footprint. To fully decarbonize these materials, we need to find radical, green alternatives and/or embrace carbon capture technologies.

Source: Catham House Report, 2018

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Our Solution


We're developing sustainable alternatives to cement, concrete and ceramic materials by combining plant-derived biopolymers with inorganic minerals to produce strong, hard materials. We avoid petroleum-based solvents and high-temperature processing to produce these biomimetic hybrid (bio-hybrid) materials which have mechanical properties on par with ordinary concrete.

Plant Biologist

Advanced Materials. Inspired by Nature.

Our bio-hybrid materials take inspiration from the structure of seashells, ivory and tooth enamel. Our philosophy is to combine the incredible feats of materials engineering achieved by nature with modern manufacturing techniques.

"Interesting, very interesting!"

Mr. Dan Jones, Expert in Historical Building Materials.

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