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Cyalith fridge magnet


Cyalith is a bio-based composite material made from naturally occurring calcium carbonate and a biopolymer from algae. Taking inspiration from natural materials such as sea shells and pearl, Cyalith is produced under low-energy conditions and thus has a much lower carbon footprint compared to ordinary ceramics which it intends to replace. Click here for a spec sheet.


Cyalith for space?

NASA is interested in growing algae in space for food and oxygen production. We are currently developing a version of Cyalith that employs simulated moon dust instead of calcium carbonate, meaning we could potentially build habitats on the Lunar surface with fast-growing photosynthetic algae. 

Graphene enhanced 

We have found that incorporating a tiny amount of graphene into Cyalith increases its flexural strength by over 20%. This means we can make Cyalith thinner, saving costs and making it even greener. 

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