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Environmental policy

The fundamental mission of our company is to mitigate the damaging effect human activity is having on our planet. We aim to achieve this not only through our products and services, which all have sustainability and green credentials at their core, but also our actions and activities as a company. Our employees all receive significant training to raise awareness and encourage participation with regard to environmental matters, and we always favour suppliers, contractors and partners who who hold high environmental standards. Below are a number of pledges we have committed to in order to achieve this goal which we will continually monitor, review and update to further improve our environmental performance.

  1. Green transport pledge

    Company vehicles will be 100% electric and only procured with strong justification after a total life-cycle impact assessment. A working-from-home culture will be encouraged where possible to avoid unnecessary travel to and from the business premises. Virtual attendance to conferences and other networking events will be encouraged over in-person attendance, and the greenest transportation method will always be favoured. Company air travel is strongly discouraged and will only be granted with very strong justification.

  2. Green energy pledge

    The company will use 100% green energy provided through a green energy supplier or though on-site microgeneration. Current microgeneration capacity is 2.4 GWp through a PV system.

  3. Waste minimisation and recycling pledge

    To mimimise waste during R&D activities we have committed to zero single-use, non-recyclable plastics, with all plasticware being washed re-used where possible and recycled at the end-of-life stage. Glassware such as vials are also re-used until broken or otherwise unusable, upon which they are recycled. Re-usable cloths and towels are also encouraged over disposable paper towels. At present, production of each commercial product from our shop uses half a paper towel as the sole disposable item, which is fully recycled.

  4. Minimal & green packaging pledge

    All our products are delivered in minimal, recyclable paper-based packaging.

  5. Efficient use of water and energy pledge

    We endeavour to minimise water and energy use and have appointed a dedicated "green team" to monitor and minimise any unnecessary waste.

  6. Use of biodegradable and non-toxic chemicals pledge

    The active binders in our products are all bio-based and biodegradable at the end of life stage. No toxic chemicals such as covalent cross-linking agents are used in our products, and we avoid toxic or harmful substances at all stages of our research and product development phases. To date, only non-toxic and environmentally benign substances have been utilised in our R&D activities.

  7. Minimising use of solvents pledge

    Use of solvents will be avoided whenever possible with water-based solutions always preferred. When unavoidable, low-toxicity and environmentally benign solvents such as bio-produced ethanol will be preferred. To date, only bio-produced ethanol has been utilised as a solvent by our R&D team.

  8. Use of wood and paper products from sustainable, managed forests pledge

    When wood, timber or paper products are required they will be procured from sustainable sources and managed forests.

  9. Minimising noise-, light-, air- and other forms of pollution pledge

    We endeavour to minimise noise-, light-, air- and other forms of pollution from our business premises and have a dedicated "green team" to monitor and take action against avoidable pollution in all forms.

  10. Zero CFCs and other ozone-depleting substances pledge

    Our business commits to zero CFCs and other ozone-depleting substances.



Aled Roberts, CEO
23rd May 2021

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