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Meet The Team

Dr Aled Roberts


Aled invented and developed the BioSintering process. He holds a PhD in materials engineering from the University of Liverpool and has over10 years experience in the development of advanced material technologies.

Aled headshot_edited.jpg

Periklis Petropoulos

Senior Engineer

Periklis is finishing a PhD in biomaterials at the University of Manchester and holds a MEng in chemical engineering from the National Technical University of Athens. He has depth of experience in a range of manufacturing techniques and scaling processes.


Alex Norman

Research Associate

Alex joined DeakinBio on a PhD placement. He is using the skills he has gained from his PhD in statistical design of experiments to improve existing products and gain insight into newly discovered material systems.


Harriet Godward

Research Associate

Harriet is our most recent team member, she holds an MPhys from the University of Liverpool and is supporting product development.


We are a materials cleantech startup based in Manchester, UK. 


Currently based at the Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre (GEIC), our mission is to invent and develop new sustainable material technologies and share them with the world. 

If you'd like to learn more about our technology or work with us somehow, please get in touch.

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