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Engineering Sustainable
Bioinspired Materials

We're developing green, bio-based alternatives to cement, concrete and ceramic materials.

The Problem

Construction materials and processes account for about 20% of global CO2 emissions - a proportion that is set to rise as countries continue to develop and urbanize.


Much of these emissions arise from chemical processes - meaning even a full transition to green energy and transportation wouldn't eliminate the associated carbon footprint. To fully decarbonize construction materials, we need to find radical, green alternatives and/or embrace carbon capture technologies.

Source: Catham House Report, 2018

Our Solution


We're developing sustainable alternatives to cement, concrete and ceramic materials by combining plant-derived biopolymers with inorganic minerals to produce strong, hard materials. We avoid petroleum-based solvents and high-temperature processing to produce these relatively green biocomposite materials.

Materials for Earth and space

We're also developing new, affordable material technologies for off-world construction.

Plant Biologist

Open Source Philosophy

All of our formulas and processes will be published under creative commons (CC BY-SA 4.0) licenses - meaning anyone is free to copy, adapt and utilise any of our materials - even for commercial purposes. 

Humanity needs to work together to overcome the climate emergency, so we are offering everything we know to everyone - free of charge.

"Interesting, very interesting!"

Mr. Dan Jones, Expert in Historical Building Materials.

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